Sparks Middle School No Longer A Crime Scene

SPARKS, NV - Sparks Police Deputy Chief Tom Miller gave the rundown of an event that would last only three minutes, but remain in the minds of students forever.

"At 7:15 the student arrived on the school grounds, he shot a student in the shoulder near the North hallway.....he headed south to the teacher Landsberry at the basketball court. They came
toward each other..he shot the teacher, he headed south and shot the second student in the abdomen...he then headed north, walked and shot himself,” said Miller

At no time did the 12-year-old gain entry into the school itself, according to Washoe County School District Police Chief Mike Mieras, who says more children could have been wounded or killed if the student went inside.

“I cannot thank their actions, what they did along with the students of the school. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done,” said Mieras.

Michael Landsberry, the 45-year old math teacher at the school, was recognized once again for additional courage and bravery.

”Mr. Landsberry's heroic actions by stepping toward the shooter allowed time for others student on that playground to leave the area,” said Mieras.

Lansberry would die on the basket ball court.

The wounded 7th graders were taken to Renown Regional Medical Center, where they are still being treated for their wounds.

But those aren't the the only casualties, as the district superintendent reminded everyone.

“We were at Maxwell Elementary School; we had over 20 professionals there. Counselors, therapists both from our district and the county. I could tell you it was a full house. We have many children there; many of them were actually witnesses and the healing process is going to be a long one,” says Pedro Martinez, Washoe County School District Superintendent.

This is the first time law enforcement identified Michael Landsberry as to the slain teacher in Monday's shooting.

His family had already done that on Monday.

What Sparks police say they will not do: release the name of the shooter. The department says it is out of respect for the shooter's family.