Sparks Mayor Says Economy is Improving

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SPARKS, NV -- Sparks Mayor Geno Martini said there are signs the economy is improving in his State of the City address Monday.

"I can say confidently, however, that the city's economic indicators have stabilized; most of our financial data shows a flat line or even increases," Martini said.

However, he added Sparks is providing services more efficiently, and far fewer work for the city than at the height of the boom.

Martini said consolidated tax, which is mainly comprised of sales tax, has shown the most improvement as a source of revenue for the city.

He also praised state legislators for extending a hotel room tax, which helps fund improvements at Victorian Square. Martini also highlighted the transition of the Nugget to new owners, and Bourbon Square Casino taking over the old Silver Club location on Victorian Avenue.

The mayor said thanks to two Regional Transportation Commission projects, Sparks residents can expect improved transportation infrastructure. The Regional Transportation Commission is currently planning to improve the congested Pyramid and McCarran intersection, as well as extend Veteran's Parkway in south Reno into Sparks.

He also said as part of a recently approved plan, Sparks residents will see flood control projects, including flood walls.

While Mayor Martini said the economic outlook for Sparks shows improvement, he said the city still faces challenges funding payroll and health insurance.

"Soon our city council will convene to consider where budget reductions are required and where opportunities to generate more revenues exist," Martini said.

Martini also thanked the city's first-responders, who took action when a shooting happened at Sparks Middle School in October.