Sparks Marina Water Said to Be Safe for Recreation and Pets

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SPARKS, NV -- Concerns have been circulating regarding the cleanliness of the water at the Sparks Marina, mainly for the safety of their dogs. City of Sparks officials say it's not a problem.

Some people who are familiar with the Sparks Marina describe it as "gross" or "smelly." Nonetheless, it's still a popular spot for dog lovers all year round, but since renovations started in December, they've had to find new ways to stay active.

"I live down the street so I would walk her around here or the marina," said Elena, a Sparks resident who walks her dog Chloe every day. "Even though it's really dirty, but they have fun so why not? She gets a bath afterwards, immediately."

Rick Darby, Operations Manager from the City of Sparks, says the city is about 80% done with the $38,000 renovation project, but says the water should be the least of the concerns.

"Our treatment plant facility comes over, they check it, the cold rate is lower than Lake Tahoe, not saying the marina is as clear as Lake Tahoe, but it's a very clean body of water," said Darby.

The lake is home to millions of trout, bass and catfish, and the the Nevada Department of Wildlife says the water quality is good, which means it's perfectly safe for dogs too.

"I know it's safe, my dog swims here, my children swims here, I've swam here. The marina is a very safe place" says one user.

The park is set to reopen by January 16 at the latest.