Sparks Man Sentenced for Killing Girlfriend

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Reno, NV - Cherissa Davidson's three kids will never see their mother again. But on this day, her family says justice has been served.

At Washoe County District Court, 28-year-old Brian Hobbs was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after ten years. In addition, he will serve a consecutive term of 20 years, with a minimum parole eligibility of 96 months.

That sentence was handed down by Judge Connie Steinheimer in front of Davidson's family. Davidson was murdered in September 2011. Hobbs, who was her boyfriend, had already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in her death.

Authorities say in September 2011, Hobbs stabbed Davidson in their Sparks home. He told police he buried her in the backyard, but dug her up after he was worried the grave would be discovered. He then picked up a friend, whom he treated to fast food and movie rentals. At Hobbs' home, the friend helped him place Davidson in the back of a van after he said Hobbs paid him $20. The friend then refused to assist Hobbs any further (the friend is not being charged in the case because he has a low mental capacity).

Hobbs then placed Davidson's body in the van and drove to Carson City, where he dumped the body down a ravine. Davidson's body was found on September 9 in Brunswick Canyon. She was identified by her fingerprints. When authorities came to her home, they found Hobbs caring for her 3-month-old son - who was not harmed.

That child is now being cared for by his father in the Reno-Sparks area.

Cherissa Davidson's family was in the courtroom when Judge Steinheimer told Hobbs his fate. Hobbs was given the opportunity to speak, but did not.

Outside the courthouse, Davidson's sisters who drove from Redding, California, said they needed to see her killer get sentenced.

"Because I needed to find justice for my sister," said Kayla Merrifield, Davidson's younger sister. "I know she would have done the same for me. She would have been up there, too. And I just want the world to know that - this is the hardest thing anyone could ever deal with. Losing someone to these traumatic circumstances. But I needed to find justice for her, I needed to make sure this guy was never hopefully going to see the light of day again. Because she's gone from us forever."