Sparks Makes It Easier to Submit Bid Documents

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SPARKS, Nev - The City of Sparks continues to try and make it easier to do business in the city. According to a news release, during Monday’s City Council meeting, the city unveiled a new and improved method for bidders, vendors, and contractors to access bid documents and plans to bid on services, supplies, materials and construction applicable to City funded projects.

In the past, potential bidders were required to travel to Sparks City Hall to access bid documents and blue prints which came at a price. City staff was required to spend several hours preparing lengthy documents. Now, an on-line system is available to the public and allows bidders to access bid documents 24 hours a day, every day, at no cost.

“It is convenient, easy, and eliminates barriers to those who want to do business with the City of Sparks,” said City Manager Shaun Carey. “It’s all part of our focus on being more innovative and reducing costs. In this case, we are providing a higher level of customer service too.”

Spearheaded by Dan Marran, the city’s Contract & Risk Manager, and programmed by Senior Systems Analyst Rich Brown, the program was created internally by the city’s Information Technology Department. Sparks is the first local government in the area to offer bid documents free of charge to the business community. To access the system, go to: