Sparks Getting Roads Ready For Winter Weather

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Sparks, NV – The City of Sparks sent out a release saying that on Wednesday, November 7, residents may notice city maintenance crews driving snow routes and spraying the new brine solution on area roads in preparation for the first snow storm of the season, set to hit the valley early Thursday and into Friday. City maintenance officials ask that you maintain at least a 100-foot distance behind the trucks for your safety.

The city has recently retrofitted some of its fleet’s snow removal equipment and installed a new brine system that is environmentally friendly. Previous methods only involved a salt/sand mixture. The new system is not a replacement of the old method but rather an initial treatment to be used ahead of any storms. The brine system, made possible with a grant, will enable the city to be more proactive in winter weather driving conditions allowing crews to get out and pre-treat the roads. The mixture will last on the roadways from three to five days without moisture and will melt the lowest level of snow before it binds to the roads; making roads less icy and easier to plow when a storm arrives.

Brine consists of a solution of water and sodium chloride (road salt) and is up to 20 times more effective than salt and more environmentally friendly, as it does not kick up dust that traditional methods put into the air or run-off during snow melt into the environment. The new system is also more efficient and cost effective.

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