Sparks Considers Standards for Properties

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SPARKS -- From regulations on boarding up windows to inoperable vehicles, the City of Sparks is considering updating its property maintenance standards.

"If you do put plywood over the window, the plywood has to be painted to match the structure," said Armando Ornelas, a city planner.

The proposal would expand what is considered a public nuisance in Sparks to include: "fences, gates and similar types of structures that are in an unsafe condition." Front yards that are only dirt, or have vegetation that is not alive, would also be considering nuisances.

The proposal would limit recreational vehicles parked in the front of properties to two -- and they would need to be parked on paved surfaces.

Ornelas said the proposal would also empower code enforcement to issue civil citations, resulting in fines for those who do not comply.

"To the extent we add a tool that may hit that bottom line, we believe that may be effective," he said.

The public may weigh in on the ideas in workshop set for Tuesday night at Sparks City Hall. It begins at 5:30 p.m.

Ornelas said the Sparks City Council would likely vote in the next couple months to adopt the standards.