NHP Looking for Teen Who Ran After Struggle

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SPARKS, NV - The Nevada Highway Patrol is searching for a 17-year-old boy who ran from troopers.

Around 8:30 PM Saturday, troopers arrested a driver for DUI near the intersection of Sparks Blvd & East Lincoln Way.

While waiting for the vehicle to be towed, troopers decided to give the 17-year-old passenger a ride home.

The teen was patted down to make sure he didn't have any weapons before he was allowed into a patrol car.

That's when troopers discovered he was armed.

The teen struggled with troopers, then took off running.

Sparks police were called in to help with the search.

A canine officer led searchers to a nearby apartment complex before losing the scent.

Troopers say they know the teen's identity and are seeking a warrant for his arrest.