Sorensen Remembered As Public Servant

Police procession to escort body of Reno Police Officer Scott Sorensen.

RENO, NV - A Reno police officer was laid to rest Wednesday at Mountain View Cemetery. 49-year-old Scott Sorensen spent 25 years on the Reno Police Department, and died of cancer. Wednesday he was eulogized by fellow officers, friends, and family.

Reno Police Chief Steve Pitts summed it up for everyone who knew his fellow Reno police officer.

“See, Scott knew our city very well, and he felt like a guardian watching over all of us,” he told the audience.

Hundreds gathered at Lawlor Events Center to pay tribute to a 25-year veteran.

49-year-old Scott Sorensen joined the force at age 24 carrying on a multi-generational tradition in law enforcement.

“Funny thing about Scott was, he always wanted to be a policeman,” said his brother, Patrick Sorensen.

Those who served with him and knew him best told mourners of Sorensen's love of the job and duty.

He could have chosen to go into plain-clothes detail but he decided not to.

“Because he loved the uniform, he honored what it meant, and stood for, and all the trappings and pitfalls that go along with it,” said Curtiss Kull, Humboldt County Undersheriff.

While he began and ended his career on patrol, he was also on the horse mounted unit for five years.

He and his horse Utah were mentioned frequently at the service.

“Keep your heels down, keep your front cinch snug... Adios, partner,” concluded Kull.

But he also became a licensed helicopter pilot and worked with Washoe County Sheriff's Office Raven helicopter, where he was the unit's training officer.

For many policemen that might be enough.

But the real testimony to Sorensen's service to the community came from his fellow officers who had a difficult time making it through their prepared remarks.

”And he looked at me and said how can you not be proud to do what we do for a living?” said Jason Soto, a Reno police detective.

“A lot of us jokingly referred to Scott as our guardian angel, flying overhead, watching out for us making sure we were safe,” said Thomas Robinson, Reno Police Department Deputy Chief.

At the conclusion, Raven circled Lawlor Events Center in honor of Scott Sorensen.

No doubt he would have enjoyed the view from there as law enforcement lined the streets and headed to his burial site.

Officer Scott Sorensen is survived by his 13-year-old son Christopher, his mother Betty, and life partner Mignon Lagatta.

Police procession for Reno Police Officer Scott Sorensen, laid to rest 9/4/2013.
Courtesy RPD
Courtesy RPD
Courtesy RPD