Somersett's Smith Qualifies for Barracuda Championship

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Reno's Stuart Smith is getting another shot at Montreux, and the PGA Tour.

"It's exciting. There's no question. I was extremely excited to qualify," Smith told KOLO-TV. "To be a local club pro and to get into an event like this, you know, it's rare."

Smith qualified for the Barracuda Championship on Monday, shooting a six-under 66 at a qualifying tournament at Hidden Valley Country Club in Reno. It's the fifth time he's earned a spot in a PGA tournament, which includes the 2012 Reno-Tahoe Open.

"You've got to play your game. I can't play John Daly's game nor Davis Love's game. I've got to play Stuart's game," added Smith "And it may not be as pretty as their game, but hopefully with a little bit of a track record and some perseverance, I can still put some good numbers up."

Smith has been the Director of Golf at Somersett for the last eight years. He's pretty good too, averaging between a 68 to 69 per round, with a career low of 63. But he has yet to make it to the weekend at any PGA tournament, missing the cut all five times.

"Can I be competitive? I think if I play well I'd like to play the weekend. But if you set your sights on just playing the weekend, often you fall short. So I've got to go out and just play my game and play each hole and try and get as many points as I can and try not to think about it. I'm going to hope that after Sunday I'm smiling after a round. If not, I'm going to be smiling after Friday's round. So I'm happy either way."

And he won't be alone. He's going to bring a lot of friends to cheer him on.

"I'm going to have a lot of Somersett members out there," said Smith. "I usually do a junior field trip to the RTO where I bring my junior golf program here, So tomorrow, whatever juniors I have here, some are on a camping trip, I'm going to have a nice following."

He'll also have some support by his side. His son, Jordan, is going to work as his caddie.

"He's caddied for me in the PGA Championship last year. He was on the bag for the qualifier Monday and I think he's my good luck charm. He's getting me into these events. And it's really special to share it with him."

Smith tees off his first round at 1:50pm on Thursday.