Sneak 'Peek' at Tahoe's Newest Nightclub

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SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. -- Paris Hilton, J-Woww and Jermaine Dupri are among the celebrities who will be at Lake Tahoe this holiday weekend. It's all to introduce a brand new nightclub.

"It's kind of like lights, camera action! You're entering into a show every single night that you walk in [Peek]," Charlotte Rogers, Nightclub Operations Director said.

Instead of just watching the show, you're participating. It's the newest addition to Lake Tahoe's hot spots.

"That's something new and exciting here in Lake Tahoe. It's something we've not had and I think it'll be something people will be very interested in," John Koster, Norther Nevada Harrah's Casino President.

It's not all glitz and glam. For two weeks, the crew at Peek Nightclub has been redesigning, reupholstering and revamping.

"At least 200 hours went into...a lot of it was done by engineering, putting in the new flooring, the new carpet and furniture to give the room a different look," Brian Chandler, Entertainment Technical Director said. "We've increased the lighting in it to make it look nicer, a little cooler, a little more hip."

More than $1 million dollars were put into Peek's renovations, but the nightclub business can be fickle; the secret in this business is the element of surprise.

"They want to be entertained and that is what is so different about this club," Rogers said.

According to Chandler, it's all about the execution. Unlike most clubs, he says Peek is more like a theatrical performance with staged events throughout the night--including aerial acts.

In just one hour, this nightclub can transform into a showroom.

"Our biggest challenge, which we really haven't done yet, is when we have a theater with 700 seats, pulling that out and putting in all the furniture and setting up the nightclub look," Chandler said.

Whether you're dancing or watching, dim the lights and crank up the music because the show will go on at Peek Nightclub.

Doors will open at 10:30 p.m. and the cost of entrance is $20.