Smart and Cost Effective Motorcycle Classes Keep Bikers Safe on Road

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CARSON CITY, Nev. -- As the weather keeps getting nicer, more people will start leaving their cars behind and opting for two-wheel transportation. This season, you'll have a chance try riding the 'hog' safely and at an affordable price.

"I just love the freedom, riding out in the open wind and it's just a wonderful feeling," Rory Cass, biker said.

It's the life of a biker. Rory Cass has been riding his motorcycle for more than 20 years, but still wanted to learn some safety skills he can apply on the road.

"You have no protection so it's really up to you, it's really up to everyone on the road, but it's really up to you," he said.

He's taking a three day beginner's course at the Western Nevada College tore-learn the fundamentals of riding a bike safely.


"It's a good class for safety. It identifies some issues you might encounter on the road and just basic handling characteristics on the motorcycle and just techniques that will keep you safe," Blair Harklerod, rider coach said.

Students can also earn the M endorsement to add to their drivers licence. They sit through classroom instruction, but also get some hands-on-experience outside as they go through drills and techniques on the bike that will keep them safe on the road.

"People will sometimes get fixated on looking for cars and big objects when the motorcycle is right there," Harklerod said.

It's required by law for motorcyclists to wear a helmet and protective eye-wear, but it's also recommended that they wear gloves, over the ankle boots and reflective gear to stay visible and safe.

Remember, if you're riding as a passenger, it is illegal not to wear a helmet as well.

"I didn't think it would be this involved and i'm really impressed. I'm really enjoying it," Cass said.

Classes will run through early November a the Carson City Campus. The course costs $106.

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