Small Businesses Closer to the Black

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RENO, NV -- Business was brisk inside The Wedge Friday afternoon, as the cheese shop offered Black Friday deals to draw in shoppers.

"Really we wanted to offer significant discounts to get people to come down here and really see what is happening," said Laura Conrow, owner of The Wedge.

Conrow says the shop is a popular spot year-round, but it's the holiday season that really makes a difference on their bottom line.

"Between Thanksgiving and the first of the year is the best time of the year for us," said Conrow.

If it's any indicator, Conrow says the shop experienced its highest sales of the year, just this week.

"The day before Thanksgiving, that was one of the best days of our year so far," said Conrow.

Midtown was bustling with activity Friday.

"The discounts, some of them are 25% off, some of them are buy one get one free," said Amber Solarzano with the Creative Coalition of Midtown.

A group of local stores doing all they can to attract customers.

"The goal is that hopefully more people do come down and shop because they are getting the discount," said Solarzano.

Black Friday is not necessarily make it or break it for local shops, but the money earned today helps them purchase inventory for the holiday season.

"The last couple of months have been a slow retail time... this definitely will help put them into the black and into the clear for the rest of the holiday season," said Solarzano.

The Midtown district right now is thriving. Shop owners hope the next 25 days will ensure it stays that way.