NHP Responds to 14 Fog-Related Morning Crashes

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RENO, NV - Freezing fog created dangerous conditions on roads in Reno and Sparks Thursday morning. The Nevada Highway Patrol responded to 14 in about an hour and 45 minutes during the morning commute.

The roads were slick because of freezing fog and many people did not expect snow or this much fog.

The electronic freeway signs on I-80 changed from warning drivers about fog, to warning about ice and snow, and then freezing fog. One of the crashes to happen on I-80 westbound near Vista Boulevard involved a pickup crashing into the median. Commuters slowed down to avoid hitting that truck and the emergency vehicles that parked in the freeway to help the driver. But slowing down wasn't easy with the slick roads and low visibility.

Another crash involved a pickup driver hitting an NHP cruiser along 80. Nobody was seriously hurt in any of the crashes.

Earlier in the morning, it was so foggy on some city streets in Reno, it was hard to see pedestrians crossing the street.