Slick Roads May Worsen Wednesday Night

RENO, Nev. -- Lower temperatures on Wednesday night could turn streets into skating rinks.

Joe Miller shovels the parking lot where his wife will soon be taking the car out of its space and down the street.

He says he loves this kind of weather, and shoveling ice and snow is all a part of it.

“I have seen people come to the stop sign and hit their brakes and lock them up and slide right into the intersection. Then you've got the kaboom and some one gets clobbered,” says Miller.

Taking anything fast when roads are like this is just a recipe of disaster.

The city's public works department has been busy loading trucks with part sand part salt.

The dirt will be spread on roads to help loosen up the ice that has already or beginning to form on some city streets.

While streets like Miller's near downtown Reno do not get high priority, main thoroughfares like Virginia Street do as it is one emergency vehicles will use in case they need to get somewhere fast.

The roads are prioritized one, two, three and four, but that may not be the only reason a roadway is cleared by the city.

“Live on a high road if you live on a steep grade or something like that that would be another priority. We just really need to make sure we get to the heart beat and the city open and those high traveled roads are our main concern to start with,” says Darrel Ellis, street manager with the City of Reno.