Skittles the Cat Comes Home

RENO, NV - Brenda Hershey is waiting anxiously at Reno Tahoe Airport for a friend she's known for 15 years.

So significant is the arrival there's even a welcome sign and Brenda too has gifts for the friend's traveling companion.

So who is Skittles?

“My mother brought her to my son in Sarasota Florida where I lived when he was five. It was a Christmas present,” says Brenda.

That was 15 years ago.

Brenda says the cat has been a part of her life the entire time.

That was until about six weeks ago, when relatives traveling with Skittles lost her at this Indiana State Park.

Brenda says the cat saw a bird, and went through the screen of the R.V.

“It was week five, week six, and I didn't want to call anymore because I was afraid I'd never see her again,” says Brenda.

“I mean 6 weeks out there and there are owls, hawks, and coyotes, foxes. How did she find food? She did find water,” says Jacci Moss with Friends of Feline Rescue.

The Friends of Feline Rescue in Indiana brought Skittles back to her old self, and with the help of donations, brought her a plane ticket back to Reno.

Which brings us to waiting for the flight from Chicago...and for Skittles to finally come home.

The reunion is an emotional one.

Brenda cries, and Skittles looks no less for the wear and tear of the last six weeks.

A crown is placed on the cat's head as she's been treated like a queen lately.

Brenda says she'll take Skittles to her castle,and hopefully, live happily ever after.

Friends of Feline Rescue webcasts cats in their care 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Skittles story was so popular, donations from all over the world came to get her back home.

You can go to their webcam by going to and click on Hot Topics.