Lack of Snow at Resorts Increases Golf Businesses

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RENO, NV - While Tahoe Resorts are getting the short end of the stick this season, golf courses are benefiting. With the dry climate, snow lovers are trading in their ski poles and snowboards for golf clubs.

"It's January and we're golfing so that's exciting news," said an avid snowboarder.

It's bad news for the slopes, but the golf courses are taking advantage of the nice, dry weather. Washoe Golf Course reopened its doors two weeks ago.

"Business is very good when the weather is above 50 degrees and there's no snow on the ground," said Greg Wenzel, assistant golf professional from Washoe Golf Course. "We're getting about 80 to 100 a day so when the weather is bad we usually get the 20 die-hard golfers."

Typically they close during January and February, but thanks to the sunshine you can see golfers all over the course. However, for those die-hard skiers and snowboarders, there is a feeling that they are missing out.

"I have a pass at Northstar and I've been up once this year," said a Reno resident.

The mentality here is, if you can't beat them join them. Whether it's 51 degrees or 15, these athletes are still finding ways to enjoy the outdoors.

"Well, I'm sure we'd be using our season passes up at Mount Rose today instead of golfing, but you know this is a great second best," said Scott Dunseath, an avid snowboarder, said.

While most of them are making the best of their winter, the drought still has them concerned.

"This is gorgeous, but we need the snow or we won't have any water to water our lawns this summer," said a Reno resident.

"I hope we get some moisture because if we don't we're going to be in trouble," said an frequent golfer.