Ski Slopes or Shopping? For Some An Easy Choice

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There have been years when local ski resorts were staring at bare slopes as the holidays approached.

Not this year.

The storms have been well timed. No need to make your own snow when nature gives you all you need then gives you sunshine right before Christmas.

"We got 48 inches of new snow throughout this past storm," says Kayla Anderson of the Mount Rose Ski Resort, "and now it’s a bluebird powder day on Christmas Eve.

And after some well placed charges cleared the popular Chutes area, everything was open.

The lines were long and the customers were happy.
"You couldn't ask for any thing more. No ice. It's all powder," said Bonnie Lang, who made the trip from Penn Valley, California.

Looking at the crowd, we had to assume all these people have completed their Christmas shopping.

"Absolutely not," said Dan Ludlow who was enjoying the day with his family. "We're going to stay out here as long was we can and then squeeze in some shopping."

But all agreed given the choice of fighting crowds here or at the mall, well there was little contest.

"It's way better up here," said Lang, who added all the shopping she expected to get done had been done though she might do some more, if she left the slopes in time.

Resort operators couldn't be happier. Christmas vacation is the height of the season for them and the skiers, well, we asked some what they wanted for Christmas.

"More snow," said Jon Logan Wright, who just moved back from Hawaii and had taken up snowboarding.

"I don't know what they wish for," said Heather Lowther from Austin, Texas. "I'm not an avid skier, but I wish for better luck on the slopes this time. I'm not that good, but I'm learning."