Skate Contest Puts Academics First

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RENO, NV - Three years ago, Reno native David White decided to start an event that blended two of his passions - education and action sports. The "Making the Grade" skate competition has grown every year.

"We're here to increase the standards for this at-risk population," White said. "We want to motivate them and make sure they meet the challenge every time."

Anyone can skate in the competition but to win the grand prize - a weeklong stay at Woodward Tahoe skate camp - you need to have at least a 3.0 GPA.

"Your grades are actually factored into your final score," Event Coordinator Cambria Breithaupt said. "So you might have someone that's a great skater but doesn't have the best grades, that person can lose their spot to someone who has better grades."

For parent Helen McFadden, grades aren't a concern.

"My son gets great grades, he's actually one of those kids that takes academics and his goals very seriously, I'm very proud of him," McFadden said.

Jason June makes sure his 8-year-old son Jack knows that work and play go hand in hand.

"First priority when we get home is do your homework," June said. "Then it's time to skate, that's kind of how we look at it."

A lot of the faces at the skate park are familiar.

"We love hanging out and watching these kids grow, I'm just so proud of being a dad," June said. "There's a lot of hope for the next generation, they all get an A plus in my eyes."