Six Convenience Stores Cited In Underage Alcohol Sting

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RENO, NV - Six convenience stores are at least $500 light in the wallet after failing an alcohol compliance check Friday.

Detectives from the Regional Street Enforcement Team (SET) conducted the compliance operation at several Reno convenience stores.

This operation was initiated to coincide with the end of the school year and encourage businesses to not sell alcohol to minors under 21.

23 businesses were checked in response to citizen’s complaints to the Reno Police Department about alcohol being sold to minors.

Three underage people attempted to by alcohol at each of the establishments. Seventeen of those businesses refused to sell alcohol to the minors, while six sold alcohol to the underage participants.

The following businesses failed the operation and were issued citation(s) for the listed charges:

Kahn & Sons located at 2005 Sierra Highlands Dr. - Sales of alcohol to minor

7-11 located at 4995 W. 7th St. - Sales of alcohol to minor

Citi Gas located at 1000 S. Center St. – Sales of alcohol to minor

Sam and Son Market located at 895 S. Virginia St. - Sales of alcohol to minor

Discount Food and Liquor located at 600 S. Virginia St. - Sales of alcohol to minor

Quicke Mart#2 located at 777 S. Virginia St. - Sales of alcohol to minor

The minors possessed their actual state issued identifications which clearly identified them as being under the age of 21. If asked by the employees for identification, the volunteers provided their real identification.

The following locations were checked and passed the compliance check by refusing to sell alcohol to the minors:

Tronix Bar located at 340 Kietzke Ln.

Jackson’s located at 600 N. Wells Ave.

Valley Market located at 505 Denslowe Dr

Pine Food & Spirits located at 190 S. Center St.

7-11 located at 1770 Sutro St.

Go Mart located at 1755 Sutro St.

Zippy Mart located at 1690 Evans Ave.

7-11 located at 1665 N. Virginia St.

Fast Mart located at 3693 N. McCarran Blvd.

AM/PM located at 2002 Sierra Highlands Ave.

Jackson’s Food Mart located at 2001 S. Virginia St.

Town Liquor located at 2640 S. Virginia St.

7-11 located at 3085 S. Virginia St.

Ballpark Market located at 125 W. Moana Ln.

7-11 located at 3491 Lakeside Dr.

Grab ‘N’ Go located at 1800 W. 4th St.

AM/PM located at 1390 S. Virginia St.

This compliance check was funded entirely by federal grant funds.