Siena Hotel Spa Casino Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

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RENO, Nev. -- Just two ago, the Siena Hotel Spa Casino took a hard hit from the economy and after struggling to survive, it close down. Now, under new ownership, business seems to be thriving.

"We've walked around, we've gone to the Eldorado, Silver Legacy, we've gone all over the place," Bay area resident, Linda Lorenzini said. "We always end up back here. Just the atmosphere, the decorations, the bands, the dealers."

All weekend long, people from all over came to gamble and eat as the Siena celebrates a milestone. You would never know that just two years ago, traffic was slow and the business was debt-ridden.

"The largest challenge for any property coming out of bankruptcy is allowing the community and everyone to know that your open and back open for business," Kiley Brooks, business developer said.

Part of its success comes from is redone restaurants and decorations. Placed right on the Riverwalk, the Siena prides itself on its location and its service.

"When I want to get away from downtown, this is definitely the place to go," Reno resident, Brandon Anderson said.

The community has helped it thrive, and for this family-owned casino, giving back has become its number one priority.

"The Siena has experienced tremendous success for their second year and we're very fortunate and looking for the third year to come," Brooks said.