Sparks Motel Shooting Suspect Tries to Escape Custody

Mugshot courtesy Washoe County Jail
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SPARKS, NV - The man suspected in Thursday morning's Motel 6 shooting is causing trouble again for police. Around 7:15PM Thursday, August 21, 2014, Luis Machado tried to escape police custody. Machado was being held at the Renown Medical Emergency Room while his vitals returned to normal. Sparks police dispatchers tell KOLO 8 Machado first became combative, then tried to escape. His attempt was unsuccessful and he was taken back into custody. It is unknown at this time if he will face any additional charges for the incident.

Machado is in custody for an incident that happened much earlier in the day. It happened at four in the morning at the Motel 6 on Victorian Avenue. Police say he fired off at least 100 shots from three guns before he was taken into police custody.

What's left is a huge mess: a hotel room destroyed, guests concerned, and vehicles riddled with bullets.

"I was sleeping and it actually woke me up. It was loud shot guns. Like 10 or 12 of them," said Cyrus Aminzar, a guest at the hotel.

Aminzar had no clue how close he actually was to Thursday morning's shooting.

"I thought it was some place else so I went back to sleep," said Aminzar.

He was wrong; the shots were actually about 200 feet away. Police say 33-year-old Luis Machado used three guns to squeeze off a hundred rounds.

"These included an AR-15 style .223-caliber rifle, a .40-caliber handgun and a .45-caliber handgun," said Brian Miller with the Sparks Police Department.

Police immediately responded to the scene but the heavy firepower kept them at bay for 15 minutes. They finally got a clear shot and took it.

"Seconds later Mr. Machado came out without a weapon and immediately surrendered to officers," said Miller.

With the scene clear, not a single person was found injured.

"We are definitely lucky that no one got hurt," said Sharon Oren, a firearms expert and owner of MacCabee Arms. Sharon says that many shots of that high a caliber could have easily killed an innocent bystander.

"It does not matter if he shot in a 45- of 75-degree angle; It's going to go, It's going to hit something," said Sharon.

Plenty of things did get hit. Cyrus Aminzar's car and four others are practically totaled. Sparks cops worry vehicles passing on I-80 also may have been struck.

"Please contact Sparks police detectives. We would like to know if there are any other victims out there," said Miller.

It is still unclear why police believe Machado decided to open fire. But police suspect he may have been on drugs. They say he had a trafficking amount of narcotics in his motel room.