Sheriff's Office Hopes to Return Stolen Items to Owners

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Carson City, NV - From 8am until 4:30pm on Tuesday, the Sheriff's Office is holding a public viewing of stolen items that were recovered from an apartment in Carson City on December 11th.

Detectives believe the people who lived there would try to sell the items. Authorities are hoping people who have been burglarized in the area in the past year and filled out police reports can come to the Sheriff's Office on Tuesday to claim some of their items.

At Monday's public viewing, one woman told us she was able to claim sentimental items that were stolen from her home back in September.

"A pin from my grandmother, a ballerina pin," said Jeanne Young-McIntyre, a Carson City resident. "I'm happy about that. And some beautiful earrings from my husband."

The Carson City Sheriff's Office says, in order to claim any of the items, you must have filed a police report previously and you have to have a case number.