Sheriff Says Reminder is Needed on Cell Phone Law

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WASHOE COUNTY, Nev. – The Washoe County Sheriff's Department wants to remind all motorists about the “No Talking and Texting While Driving” law.

The law has been in effort about a year now, and the Sheriff's Office is still concerned about the number of incidents involving distracted drivers on the roads of Washoe County.

As a reminder, you cannot use handheld wireless devices while operating a motorvehicle. That means you can't hold a phone and talk, or hold a phone while performing data functions such as texting and email.

“Thousands of distracted-driving accidents are reported in Nevada every year,” Assistant Washoe County Sheriff Marshall Emerson said. “Together, we can help to eliminate unnecessary tragedy by following the law and focusing on the road."

NRS 484B.165 went into effect on October 1, 2011. As of January 1, 2012, fines of up to $250 can be given to motorists who are issued a citation for violating this statute.

The driver may talk on a cellular telephone using a hands-free device. Although a hands-free device is allowed, the Sheriff's Office says it is typically the act of conversing on the phone that distracts drivers from what is happening on the road.

“Drivers should have their entire focus on the road and their surroundings,” Assistant Sheriff Emerson said. “Absolutely nothing is more important than safety and road awareness.

“Don't risk your life or the life's of others over a cellular telephone; it's a risk a person cannot afford to take.”