Sheriff Investigators Look Into Suspicious Death

RENO, NV - The body of the 59-year old man is now at Washoe County Coroners Office where the cause of death should be determined in an autopsy conducted Tuesday morning.

Investigators spent more than 6 hours at the home on Taurus Circle Monday

For now they are not saying much.

But KOLO 8 News Now talked to neighbors who say they went to his home early Monday morning for a welfare check.

One neighbor went inside while another waited at the doorway.

The first neighbor says he felt the man's cheek, he says it was cold, and told the second neighbor the call 911.

The only thing out of place neighbors say is the clothing strewn across the front driveway with a laundry basket under the back tire of a truck parked in the driveway next to a blue Nissan Pathfinder.

One of the dead man's dogs was locked in the back of the Pathfinder when police arrived at the home at 8:00 Monday morning.

Neighbors say they heard nothing last night or early Monday.

One man told KOLO * he saw the dead man Sunday morning alive.

Investigators say the dead man's wife has been out of town, however they say they took extra precautions on the scene because of the couple's history.

“The circumstances are suspicious because there is a history of violence at this residence. Domestic violence at this residence yes there was.,” says Lt. Jerry Baldridge, with Washoe County Sheriffs Office.

Neighbors say the laundry in the front driveway was highly unusual because the man kept the outside of his home neat.

The victim's name has not been released, and investigators add, this incident does not look like a random act.