Sheila Leslie Concedes Senate Race

Democrat Sheila Leslie has posted on her campaign Facebook page that she called Republican Greg Brower to congratulate him on his victory.

The two were in a tight race for Nevada Senate District 15. In fact, once the final count was totalled at about 1:30 am Wednesday morning, the republican Brower had edged out Leslie by only 266 votes.

It was thought Leslie could ask for a recount. Here is the posting from Leslie's Facebook page:

"I've just released a statement to the media to let everyone know I called Greg Brower to congratulate him on his victory in the race. I truly cannot find the words to thank each and every one of you who worked so hard on this campaign and gave so much of your time, your funds, and your personal support in so many ways. A special shout out to our campaign staff, Scott and Joshua, for their tireless efforts, thousands of phone calls and door knocks, and for believing so strongly in me. We are all disappointed, but there is still so much work to be done to move our state forward. Onward!"