Sheep Return To UNR Main Station

RENO, NV - Sheep were dropped off Monday early afternoon at the farm near McCarran and Mill Street in Reno.

The sheep were taken late last week to the Equestrian Center off of Valley Road for safe keeping during the flood event.

Once it was determined the worst had passed instructors and students went and picked up the animals and brought them back home.

"We went back to the equestrian center where we had our sheep housed there over the weekend. We are just finishing up doing that. Our cattle which were on higher ground have been put back to pasture," says Bo Kindred with the Main Station Field Laboratory.

Kindred says the sheep won't go immediately back out ot the field as they are having some problems with coyotes in the area.

Taking the sheep to safe ground during a flooding event has become imperative after more than three hundred of them drown back in 2005.

At that time rising waters burst a levy and flooded a pasture that was historically a safe refuge for the animals.