Sharing The Road

For the second time in a week a local motorcyclist has been injured after driving well past the speed limit.

Reno Police say Wednesday afternoon a motorcyclist was serious hurt on South Virginia street while racing another motorcyclist.

Hearing the news one enthusiast says such incidents give everyone a bad name.

"Yea, I think that every motorcyclist that acts improperly gives a bad name for all motorcyclist," says Allan Cruet.

Cruet has been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years. He won't get on his bike without his helmet, gloves and protective clothing.

You'll be seeing more and more bike riders like him out on the roads and highways as the weather gets warmer.

He says responsible riders like him understand that, and will make every effort to been seen by drivers who aren't used to sharing the road with motorcycles right now.

"I think the biggest mistake a motorcyclist makes is not being of aware of how to position themselves. So that cars can see them properly and that includes sliding into a blind spot and just being lulled into hanging out there. Against is up to us a motorcyclists to be ride that caliber above what a car driver rides and make sure we are seen at all times," says Cruet.

While motorcyclist can make the effort, the roadway is a two way street.

Drivers too need to check their mirrors and look at blind spots when changing lanes to make no one is in the spot.

When entering an intersection, drivers should look once, then twice for motorcyclist.