Several Washoe County Schools Getting New Principals

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The Washoe County School District is announcing that several schools will be getting new principals come fall.

The district has identified 11 schools that will receive targeted support and leadership as part of the newly-created Acceleration Zone.
10 elementary schools and one high school have been named in the plan.
Of the 11 schools that have been assigned to the Acceleration Zone, six will have new principals in the fall.

The following is a list of the 11 schools and the principals who will serve them next year:

• Anderson Elementary School-Joe Ernst
• Booth Elementary School-Sara Cunningham
• Corbett Elementary School-Denise Dufrene
• Duncan Elementary School-Susan Kehoe
• Loder Elementary School-Dina Ciaremella
• Mathews Elementary School-Heidi Gavrilles
• Stead Elementary School-Yuen Fong
• Sun Valley Elementary School-Prim Walters
• Veterans Memorial (STEM)-Alan Reeder
• Warner Elementary School-Don Angotti
• Sparks High School-Kevin Carroll

"This is an important part of the commitment we made to the community when we announced the performance framework," said Superintendent Pedro Martinez. "We have identified specific needs in these 11 schools, and we are providing the support, resources, and talent they need to meet those challenges. I applaud the hard work of the principals who have brought the schools this far, and I appreciate their commitment to our District as they answer the call to bring their talents to new phases of leadership."