Sequestration & Northern Nevada

RENO, NV - It's a change of shift for TSA workers at the Reno Airport.

Responsible for security which includes checking your carry on and ticketed luggage at the airport, word at our airport says they'll all still be working when sequestration takes effect Friday.

And while there may be no further wait times here in Reno when you check in for your flight. The same can't be said if you need to make a change in a much larger airport after Friday.
“Chicago, Dallas, or LA you could see delays because there are so many people traveling there and so many aircraft coming there. Even if its backed up a little bit, it tends to really stack up,” says Brian Kulpin with Reno Tahoe Airport.

Kulpin says its unfortunate there's so much fiscal uncertainty back in Washington.

It could translate into fewer travelers during March, traditionally the busiest month of the year Kulpin says for our local airport.

And while Kulpin has some answers, even if only a few, other agencies just don't know what Friday will bring.

Head Start did not answer our inquiry today.

At the Health Department, the county health officer is back in Washington for a meeting with the National Association of County Health Officials.

The group is in the process of pinpointing what the automatic budget cuts will mean to public health. Immunizations have been batted around as one of the first programs to feel the pain.

And at the HAWC Clinic--a low cost health service in Washoe County, they worry about which one of their programs will suffer most.

“There is a great deal of uncertainty what remains is if we don't have the funding, how do we pay our employees, how do we get the medicine, how are we able to do the lab testing, how do we pay for the lights. That's the challenge. We would have to make some changes,” says Mike Johnson with the HAWC Clinic.