Sentence Set for Man Who Killed Friend Outside Aces Ballpark

Matthew Mahaffey, sentenced for killing his friend Michael Boyle in Reno.
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RENO, NV - The man who shot his friend to death two years ago will not go to prison.

Matthew Mahaffey was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

He will not go to prison, as prison time of 22 to 96 months was suspended as part of the sentence, as was a consecutive sentence for a deadly weapon enhancement. However, he will have to serve nine months in the Washoe County Jail as part of five years probation. He has to report to jail by 5PM Thursday, May 30. He also has to pay restitution and fees.

It was July of 2011 when he shot his friend Michael Boyle. Mahaffey was waiting to pick Boyle up outside the Aces Ballpark when he fired his gun, thinking someone was trying to break into his truck.