Placerville At-Risk Teen Found In Bay Area

Photo courtesy El Dorado County Sheriff's Office
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PLACERVILLE, CA -The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office has announced that Amy Richards has been found in the San Francisco area. The girl left Placerville on a bicycle and eventually took the Bay Area Rapid Transit system to San Francisco.

She asked for medical attention at a San Francisco Starbucks and was eventually admitted to an area hospital for an unknown condition.

There had been numerous reported sightings of Amy that led to her discovery.

PLACERVILLE, CA - The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office continues to look for a missing 16-year-old girl.

Detectives say Tuesday, June 3, 2014, just before 7AM, a Placerville residential treatment facility reported Amy Richards was missing.

Amy was last seen at the group home facility in Placerville at approximately 2AM. It is unknown what time she left as she had stuffed her bed to make it appear she was in the bed asleep. The window screen had been removed from her bedroom window and left under her roommate's bed. Amy left a note advising this and saying she had planned to leave and that she would be safe; however, Amy had no money and no cell phone. Amy had just been released from the hospital days earlier for severe anorexia. She had been refusing her medication and had recently lost more weight. It was likely she was going to be readmitted into the hospital, according to the sheriff's office. Amy also suffers from anxiety, depression and has a history of cutting.

Amy’s family has not had contact with her and does not know where she is headed. Her parents and sister live in San Francisco and detectives say she could be attempting to get back to San Francisco. They say Amy is at-risk due to her health conditions.

Amy is a white female, five-foot-five and approximately 100 pounds. She has blue eyes and waist-length blond hair. It is unknown what she was wearing at the time she left the facility, but she had been wearing jeans and a T-shirt earlier. Amy may be carrying a light blue satchel-type purse. She has more than 30 scars on her inner forearm from cutting.

Sheriff John D’Agostini’s detectives have initiated an investigation and are coordinating efforts with the Polly Klaas Foundation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Both organizations will be circulating flyers to assist in locating Amy.

Deputies say there have been several reports from people who say they have seen Amy, but those reports haven't panned out.

If you see Amy or have any information please call:

The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Dispatch Center at (530) 621-6600 or Detective Rich Horn at (530) 642-4715.

Photo courtesy El Dorado Sheriff's Office