Search For Suspect Closes Neighborhood

6th Avenue was closed off for several hours as law enforcement looked for the suspect.

It all started on First Avenue when the stolen car was first located.

But the car was traveling at high speeds so the chase was aborted.

Later the car was located on Chocolate Drive with the suspect's girlfriend inside.

Neighbors in the area told law enforcement they saw the suspect on Sixth jumping fences and looking inside homes.

One credible resident in the area told officers she believed the suspect was in her home located in the 200 block of Sixth Avenue.

“We do have information that the driver left the area and ran down west 6th Avenue into a residence which is right behind me..... Person was not related to the house, just kind of fled the area up on the 55 hundred block of Chocolate Drive and tried to find a residence here. We tried to evacuate as many people as we could because of the potential threat,” said Deputy Armando Avina from Washoe County Sheriffs Office.

According to Deputy Avina, the girlfriend in the stolen car told law enforcement her boyfriend could have a gun.

That's why the SWAT team and others were called in to try and make contact and take the suspect into custody with no problems.

Negotiators used the phone to make contact, and a loud speaker to communicate with the suspect inside.

Snipers were even put on roof tops to protect those near the home.

The incident went on for several hours.

The street was closed during that time and negotiators believed they were talking to the suspect by phone, but it was a mis-communication of sorts.

As time wore on they realized no one was in the home in the 200 block of 6th street, and whoever they were making contact with was not the man they were looking for.

The scene was cleared and law enforcement is asking anyone with any information to call the Sheriffs Office or Secret Witness.

“We have an Hispanic male, approximately five feet six to five feet in height, and a male in his 20s,” said Deputy Avina.

Investigators don't believe anyone is in danger while the suspect is at large.