School Mourns Security Officer, Former Student Arrested

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RENO, NV - As of today, Andrew Weist is no longer a student at Sierra Nevada Job Corps. He's been kicked out now that he's behind bars, charged with involuntary manslaughter. Police believe his erratic behavior outside of the school led to the death of Daniel Hundson, who was a security supervisor at the school.

"I would hope that the actions of this one student don't reflect on the other 599 students here that are working to change their lives every day," says Helyse Turner, business and community liason at Sierra Nevada Job Corps.

What happened here started just before 5:00pm on Thursday. Reno police say Weist was apparently acting high when he walked out of the school and crossed the street into a neighborhood. He got into a confrontation with residents. That's when Hundson and another security guard took action and tried to control Weist. But Hundson collapsed and died. Reno police say Hundson was 63 years old.

"Daniel Hundson was our security supervisor and he worked here for more than three years," says Turner. "He was a great role model for our students."

Reno police say Weist did not have a weapon. They believe Hundson may have died of a heart attack.