School Zones Active - School Starts Monday

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RENO, NV - Many Washoe County kids return to the classroom Monday, and police are reminding drivers to watch their speeds in those school zones.

School begins August 12th, about two weeks earlier than usual. All but four WCSD schools will start Monday. The early start simplifies calendars for the district, creating just one track. Administrators say the shorter break also helps students retain information better, and ends the semester before Christmas Break.

As bus drivers return to the roads, they're asking drivers to leave a little early, be patient and resist the urge to check smart phones. "You may have students who are not necessarily paying attention as well, or may be on electronic devices," says Deputy Chief of WCSD Police Jason Trevino, "so if the drivers are on electronic devices as well that's a recipe for disaster."

School police officers will be patrolling areas around schools next week reminding drivers to watch for students. Fines for speeding in school zones can be upward of $200.