School Rivalry Leads to Vandalism

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DALLAS, Tex. --Rivalry among college sports usually leads to some healthy competition, but an age-old rivalry between two Texas Universities lead to unlawful acts.

Students at the University of Texas woke up this morning to a vandalized campus.

Words associated with Texas A&M University like "howdy" and "farmers fight" were tagged all over buildings and respectable statues.

Students say the graffiti is disrespectful and tacky.

"I really thought that it was a little bit trashy. Because we would never do that to their campus, especially on one of the most cherished places on the campus. The tower is an extremely important part of UT tradition. And it's disrespectful," Jennifer Ruben, a University of Texas student said.

Texas A&M joined the South Eastern Conference this year. UT is part of the Big 12.

The graffiti is still under investigation.