Superintendent Says School Repair Bill Still Alive

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RENO -- The superintendent of Washoe County Schools said the bill to fund school repairs in the county is " very much alive and very active."

The assembly bill has yet to come up for a vote in the Assembly Ways and Means Committee. The bill raises both sales and property taxes to fund school repairs. Supporters of the measure are ramping up efforts to advance the bill, urging people to tweet their legislators. The campaign comes after the governor hinted at a veto in an interview with KOLO. "People are struggling in their homes right now to have a sales and property tax right now I don't think is a good idea," Governor Brian Sandoval said. Sandoval also said he approved 95 million dollars for school maintenance in a previous session.

The tax increases proposed in the bill would apply only in Washoe County and are estimated to cost eight dollars a month.

Since the bill raises taxes, it requires a greater amount of support than many other bills to be approved. Superintendent Pedro Martinez said the bill might have to be amended to get enough support to pass -- one possibility is the legislature asks the voters about whether to increase taxes.

"Those are the kind of options I know are being discussed right now," Martinez said.

While the repairs bill received exemptions from many key bill deadlines, there is only a little more than two weeks left in the session.

"We very much want the original bill," Andrea Hughs-Baird of Parent Leaders for Education said.