School District Looking for Funding Advice

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RENO -- With some buildings in the district more than 60 years old, Washoe County Schools says in the next ten years it will have more than $300-million in maintenance costs. The district currently has seventy-three million dollars from a bond. The 2012 bond is for five years, leaving the district with no dedicated funding source for school repairs when the money is spent.

The district says it is now looking for three people to serve on a school repair advisory panel comprised of five people. The panel will help determine how the existing money is spent, according to the district's chief operating officer.

The panel will also inform the Nevada State Legislature of how it proposes funding repairs in the district. During the 2013 legislative session, the school district was not successful getting a bill passed that would have raised sales and property taxes to fund school repairs.

The panel currently has vacancies for a member of the general public, someone involved in the gaming industry and someone with knowledge of construction costs.