School Bus Vandalism Prompts Increased Security

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Dayton, NV - There is going to be a lot more security around the school bus yard in Dayton after vandals strike two times in two months.

The latest incident was discovered Monday morning. Over the weekend, vandals flattened the tires of 13 school buses. The Lyon County School District had to scramble to arrange for kids to be picked up for school. Six buses from Silver Springs had to be sent over to help as officials delayed the start of all schools in the district one hour.
In December, there was a similar delay after vandals shattered 13 bus windshields. That damage cost the school district about $3,000 to repair. Now, officials are bumping up security to make sure this kind of destruction doesn't happen again.

"They're going to bring in new lighting, security cameras. And we also have a security guard that will be on until we can get all that up and running," says Tim Logan, principal of Dayton High School.

The school district plans to install those cameras as soon as possible. The Lyon County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate both cases of vandalism. It is not known at this point if the same people are responsible for both crimes.