School Board Could Have Power to Raise Taxes

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CARSON CITY -- People crowded a room at the Nevada State Legislature as the Assembly Taxation Committee considered a bill that would raise taxes for school repairs.

Superintendent Pedro Martinez of the Washoe County School District said the cost to most Washoe County families would be eight dollars a month.

The measure would increase sales and property taxes in Washoe County only.

Sen. Debbie Smith (D-Washoe Co.), Assmb. Pat Hickey (R-Washoe County), Sen. Ben Kieckhefer (R-Washoe Co.), and Assmb. David Bobzien (D-Washoe County) testified in support of the measure.

"We have schools in our district that if you haven't visited them, you really should and it really is eye-opening to see the poor condition that we have," Assemblymember David Bobzien said.

At the hearing, an amendment was proposed to give the Washoe County School Board the power to raise taxes for capital improvements with a majority vote.

"This defers that decision ultimately to the school board... you are nose to the ground sort of within the school district you should have the best understanding of what the needs are of the district and if you as the elected school board members think that this is the right thing to do, we're going to give you the authority to do it," Sen. Ben Kieckhefer said.