Scam Artist Gathering Phony Donations For Boys and Girls Club

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A number of people are reporting a man going door-to-door in the Truckee Meadows collecting donations for the Boys and Girls Club.

There's just one problem. He doesn't represent them and the money is going into his pocket and not benefiting local kids.

One of his victims agreed to talk with us. We'll call her Jane Doe, obviously not her real name, and we're not showing her face at her request. She's concerned about repercussions and a little embarrassed.

"Around 7 o'clock last night I had a knock on my apartment door and it was a very tall African-American gentleman and he just explained that he was taking donations for the Boys and Girls Club, minimum donation $10 dollars," she says.

He told her, as he's told others, that the donations were going to support the club's "Second Chance Basketball League."

She gave him $10 dollars. He gave her a candy bar and she walked away from the exchange thinking she'd helped a good cause.

There is no "Second Chance" Basketball League and he has no connection with the Boys and Girls Club.

"Shame on me"Jane: "shame on me."

She should be neither embarrassed nor shamed. She has plenty of company.

No one knows how long this has been going on, but if reaction to our first story about this scam is any indication, it's been awhile and plenty of people have been taken in by the same man.

In fact, the people at the Boys and Girls Club only learned of it when a staff member discovered her husband had been taken in.
"They went to his residence, knocked on the door and sold him some candy and said he was from the club." says Marketing Director David Taylor, "Obviously we got a report of it and that wasn't the case."

That Jane and others should fall this con artist's line isn't surprising. The Boys and Girls Club is a good cause and it does provide a lot of recreational opportunities for young people. The fictitious Second Chance Basketball League just isn't one of them and the money being collected is not ending up here.

They do raise money in the community, but never in door to door campaigns or even at store front tables or kiosks.

So, if someone approaches you saying otherwise....

"Ask for identification," says Jane. "I just took his word for it."

"Just call the local (police) dispatch numbers," adds Taylor. "It would benefit us because we don't want someone out there representing us who is not part of our efforts."

And, if you want to help out the Boys and Girls Club, you can contribute during their annual campaign or contact them directly any time. Many do. Thursday, local building contractors presented the club with a $11,000 check.