Sandoval to Add $25M to K-12 Budget

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CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) - Gov. Brian Sandoval says he'll add $25 million to the K-12 education budget to further expand full-day kindergarten and English language learner programs.

The governor made the announcement Monday.

Sandoval says he intends to amend his budget proposal to add $10 million toward all-day kindergarten, which would expand the program to 32 additional schools around the state.

He'll also pump $15 million more into English language learner programs.

Combined with money already proposed, funding will total about $60 million for those areas.

A bill pending in the Senate seeks $40 million for English programs in Clark County.

Sandoval's office says the added funding is available because of lower than expected Medicaid caseload growth, higher matching federal funds and lower than projected school employee medical costs.