Sandoval Outlines Education Plan

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RENO, NV -- The superintendent of the Washoe County School District said he is optimistic about the upcoming legislative session. Superintendent Pedro Martinez's comments come after Republican Governor Brian Sandoval presented his budget plans in a statewide televised speech.

"There might be disagreement about is it enough, is it in the right places, but I'm ok with that, but at least we're talking about at least investing more," Martinez said.

Sandoval's budget includes $14 million to teach English as a second language and $20 million dollars for expanding full-day kindergarten to more schools.

"We know the best place to close the achievement gap is in those early grades," Martinez said.

However, the National State Education Association said Sandoval's proposals lack funding. The union also said the measures do not go far enough after years of budget cuts.

Sandoval also said he is proposing to continue funding the Kenny Guinn Millennium Scholarship through 2017.

"I need this scholarship as much as I can because my parents can't afford to put three kids through school at the same time," Emily Ogle, a University of Nevada, Reno student, said.

The legislature is set to convene in early February.