Sandoval Orders State of Emergency to Get Propane to Customers

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Carson City, NV - Governor Brian Sandoval declared a state of emergency Tuesday because of extreme cold in Nevada. In a statement, the governor says prolonged periods of freezing temperatures have increased the demand for propane in the state.

This declaration addresses the current demand for propane that exceeds the capability of private sector efforts. It suspends the federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation and Nevada code that mandate the number of hours an operator is allowed to drive in a given shift. This state of emergency is in effect for fifteen days for any motor carrier or driver operating a commercial motor vehicle that supplies propane in response to this emergency.

Declaring a state of emergency ensures resources from the local, state and federal level are available to assist as needed.

“The declaration is a precautionary measure to ensure propane truck operators can support the needs of Nevada citizens during this prolonged cold weather pattern,” Sandoval said.

The governor, under his constitutional and statutory authority, can declare a state of emergency when events occur that threaten the health and safety of Nevada citizens.