Sales Tax Increase Proposed in Carson City

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CARSON CITY -- Sales tax could be upped by 1/8th cent in Carson City. The idea was approved by the Carson City Board of Supervisors by a 4-1 vote, however concerns about a procedural mistake are prompting leaders to re-vote. The increase is estimated to cost the average resident a little more than twelve dollars a year.

"It's specifically designed for infrastructure improvements so that's the best way it can be done," said Mayor Bob Crowell.

Crowell said the increase would pay for improvements to the downtown area and construction of a new athletic center and animal shelter.

Supervisor Jim Shirk said the issue of raising sales tax should be put to a vote of the people. He also said the city should explore other methods of funding the projects.

"We don't have any reserves we have nothing left after we use this that's the issue," he said.

In the mid-90s, Carson City voters approved the quality of life initiative, which raised taxes for projects.

Currently, sales tax in Carson City is slightly lower than sales tax in Washoe County.