Safety, Security Concerns at Sparks Parking Garage

Sparks Century 14
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SPARKS, Nev. - Spanish Springs resident John Allen says a trip to the movies on Monday night was a spontaneous decision. He parked his wife's sedan in the Victorian Square Parking Garage connected to the Century 14 Theater on Victorian Avenue and went to a show. When we came out, he realized the car had been vandalized.

“I found someone had smashed open the rear window of my wife's car and had stolen her bag,” Allen said. “It had some papers in it, some money and her credit and debit cards.”

He didn't even realize the bag was in the car; it was on the floor behind the front seat. There was additional damage to the vehicle.

“The broke the window and bent the rail that the window goes up and down on so we couldn't have the glass replaced,” Allen said. “Plus they put several big dents in the side of the door.”

It's not the first time someone in his family has had something taken from them in that garage. His daughter's new scooter was stolen about six months ago and was never found.

“I went to the police and filled out a report and I was going to go to the movie theater and report it to them,” Allen said. “But my daughter had a scooter stolen there six months ago and they told her they have nothing to do with it, the City of Sparks maintains the garage.”

KOLO 8 called the Sparks Police Department to get a better idea of the number of victims in that parking garage in recent months and any an security measures in place. Those calls were not returned.

“Obviously there's no security there's no cameras so what's there to stop them,” Allen said.