Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Creates Child Safety Activity Book

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RENO, NV - The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office has just released a new Safety Activity Book filled with fun and entertaining activities for kids. However, the book does have an important mission - teaching young children how to stay safe.

“The activity book is definitely a great deal of fun,” Sheriff Mike Haley said. “But more importantly, it provides a format that will engage kids in learning about personal safety and their role in the overall safety of our community. The book provides a wonderful opportunity for the Sheriff’s Office to partner with parents, educators and caretakers to empower our children to stay safe.”

The new activity book features information on "stranger danger," staying safe at home, safety at school, and safety on the internet. It also features information on bike safety, gun safety, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and much more.

The Sheriff's Office safety activity book was inspired by a similar book created by cartoonist and columnist David Fitzsimmons for the Pima County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Community Relations Administrator Tami Cummings was impressed by how successfully Fitzsimmon’s work conveyed safety messages to children so Cummings contacted Fitzsimmons to ask if Washoe County could duplicate his book.

Fitzsimmons enthusiastically agreed to give his work to the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office. Cummings then began looking for a local cartoonist who would be willing to volunteer time and talent to personalize the book for northern Nevada residents.

Mike Griffus, a local Wells Fargo Bank employee, donated his services and spent six months going over the book page-by-page to give it a local flair.

“Thanks to the talent and generosity of Mike Griffus and David Fitzismmons, we now have the perfect tool for teaching safety awareness to our children,” Cummings said. “Everything we talk about is in this book so it will be a great help to our staff as they talk to kids about personal and community safety.”

Cummings said she also hopes that parents will take advantage of this opportunity to have meaningful talks with their children about safety issues.

“Parent involvement is essential to a child’s safety and well-being so we strongly encourage parents to take the time to participate with their children in the book’s many activities and talk about the important messages contained inside this book,” Cummings said.