Suspicious Person Posing as Security System Inspector in Cold Springs

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COLD SPRINGS, NV - If you're a resident of the Cold Springs area, be aware of a suspicious person posing as a security system inspector.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says it's currently investigating reports of a suspicious person going door-to-door in the Cold Springs area, posing as an alarm company inspector.

According to the Sheriff's Office, residents say the man was wearing a white ID badge on a lanyard around his neck. They say he insists that public safety providers will no longer respond to the home if the homeowner does not allow the subject access to their security system.

The Sheriff's Office says this type of behavior is inconsistent with the way alarm companies do business. They say it is unusual for a representative from an alarm company to show up at a person's door unannounced.

They say if there someone is an issue with their security system, an alarm company will notify the homeowner directly by phone and will set up an appointment if needed.

If you see criminal or suspicious activity, call non-emergency dispatch at (775) 785-9276.