SNAP Program Could Shut Down

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RENO -- The partial government shutdown may mean a food assistance program will run out of money by the end of the month. It's estimated more than three-hundred thousand Nevadans receive SNAP benefits, which are roughly four dollars a day.

"Social security benefits and the SNAP you don't get a heck of a lot," Kathy Brackett, a SNAP recipient in Reno, said.

Brackett said she's been unable to find work for years, and relies on the program to put food on her table.

Jocelyn Lantrip, marketing director at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, said the food bank may experience a huge increase in demand for help if SNAP is shutdown.

"We're very concerned about demand rising to the point we can't handle it," she said.

Lantrip said it's not just the government shutdown that threatens the SNAP program. Stimulus money which increased SNAP benefits is set to expire next month, resulting in a reduction in benefits. Additionally, the House of Representatives recently voted to cut food assistance by $39-billion during the next ten years.