Runners Escape Zombies in Virginia City

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VIRGINIA CITY, Nev.--It's the closest thing we hope we'll ever see to a zombie apocalypse. 1500 people in Virginia City Saturday ran for their lives and protected their brains.

The start of a race is like one you've likely never seen. Runners were loaded into storage containers while flesh hungry zombies taunted them from all sides.

"I am not even going to lie. It was kinda scary sitting in there and they are beating on the top of it screaming at you to take off and all of a sudden you take off and there are just hundreds of zombies swarming you," said Katie Phillipi, a runner in the race.

The adrenaline rush at the beginning of the race continues through its duration, runners have to protect their flags as they dodge their way through six zombie packed deadzones.

"It's pretty harsh but it's fun...its a little rough, it's a little rough I have wounds," said Amee Gold, a runner.

If running from undead is not enough, obstacle courses keep runners headed up hill, through the mud and around hazards on their route.

Plenty of runners loose their 'brains' or flags along the way, but fear not, show enough dedication and you're restored to full health.

"Some people look like they are having a lot of fun... by the time they get here though, its the end of the race, they are pretty tired," said one of the zombies on the course.

"Finish with a flag and they'll get a medal... they'll get some compensation for it," said Deny Dotson, Manager of Virginia City Tourism.

For most runners, finishing with a their brains intact makes the whole experience worth it.